Kiss My Hank, Writer’s Block!

It’s official. I am completely obsessed with a newly found blogger that I thankfully stumbled upon. His name is Jonathan Acuff and his blog is called “Stuff Christians Like.” This jank is off the chank and is both frizzin’ hilarious and sucker-punchingly relevant. I admit, it’s so dang good that I whispered a mildly melodramatic vow after reading three or four (ok fifteen) of his posts that went something like, “I’ll never write again.” I said this of course in the solemn and demure likes of Princess Buttercup. (Which in turn, would obviously make Acuff’s blog dear Wesley and my self-esteem the Dread Pirate Roberts…I mean, obviously.)

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the subject of writing. I’ll go to some of my favorite blogs or websites of my favorite authors and take notes about why I enjoy their style so much and how and why it speaks to me. In fact, Donald Miller has a whole series on writing that is absolutely fascinating to me, but I’m biased because I stalk him (not like totally creepy stalk…just semi-creepy).

I’ve been doing some inventory on my own motives and reasons why I want to write and have been evaluating the validity of what I have to say versus another. I get overwhelmed swimming in the waves of others’ thoughts and phrasings and have often said from time to time that I’m simply not cut out to be a writer. I should simply settle for the occasional clever Facebook or Twitter update and push the book idea way down deep inside where a few of my other dreams have been laid to rest. Mainly, my dreams of being a professional break-dancer, inventing the healthy but ever so tasty french fry and flippin’ the mad wax on the turntables. By the tail end of that last sentence you can see how we all benefit from those dreams being confined to my insides.

I haven’t jotted in awhile and have taken something of a sabbatical from it altogether. The time away was due mostly to poor scheduling and general writer’s block, but I’m finding more and more that the rest home was being built due to my fingers and brain feeling a bit underwhelmed by their own potential. Side note: I like to talk about my various body parts in 3rd person. That way, I don’t have to take full responsibility for their folly and it’s fun to reference them by name during lulls in conversation. Example: “Gosh, I was talking to Brenda the other day and she was telling me about her vacay in The Valley with Roy and Stefan…drama!”

Up until almost a year ago, I was on a writing streak. I was blogging all the time, had avid readers and subscribers to my blogs (albeit only a handful and most of them paid), and had outlines for two books that I was chomping at the bit to get started on. It became an almost insatiable hunger for me. I started carrying around a notebook that would make a PI proud and found myself jotting notes whenever the muse struck. Then out of nowhere…it all just stopped. The faucet handle was turned off allowing only a couple stray trickles here and there to seep out relatively without notice.

Every so often someone will ask me what happened, why I stopped writing and when I was going to write my book or work a column somewhere. I must admit, it pumps my ego momentarily but then the words sort of fall a bit flat. Not because of them, but because of me and my seemingly lack of wherewithal.

See, it’s extremely easy for me to step aside if someone else comes along that can do a task better than me. It’s part of my personality actually…and by personality I mean neurosis. If I’m in a room full of extroverts, I will automatically step aside and become the introvert and vice versa. I have friends who think I am extremely outgoing and confident and are surprised to hear that I get nervous before I sing a solo or have to speak in public. On the other Roy, I have friends who view me as shy and riddled with trepidation and are surprised when I step out of the comfort zone they believe I live in. I float around somewhere in the middle of those two towns as I’m sure many other people do.

It’s not so much that I don’t believe that I can write something that someone will read. It’s more along the thought of “Dang, (insert name here) is such a good writer! I would give my left Alexis to write like that!” (Yeah, I agree the naming of the body parts is getting a bit creepy). Then I’ll hear the voice of a friend tell me they loved something that I wrote and how they can’t wait to read more and I’ll automatically toss it aside as politeness, but as of late, I’m starting to understand something…THAT is the reason why I wanted to write in the first place.

Sure, some of what I write is just for me and for prattling’s sake (and boy do I prattle), but the chunk of monk is that it’s for someone else to read and to have a connection with. Whether it’s just making them giggle or making one person feel a bit less alone in this globe. If either of those things happen, then it’s not only my hobby to write, but I dare say, it might just be a calling. If that be the case, you bet your Hank that I’m gonna start writing again! (Sorry, some habits are hard to break.)

To summarize (because this blog was even too long for ME to read):

Firstly, I’ve been inspired to come out of writer’s block coma and want to thank those of you who encourage me and read my stuff.

Secondly, I am fairly certain that everyone should go read some fantastic bits at

Inspirations for my day today:

Quote of the Day: “If instead of asking “how can I get more readers?” we asked “how can I give more to readers?” every blog on the planet would be better.” Jonathan Acuff via FB/Twitter

Song of the Day: “A Praise Chorus” by Jimmy Eat World

Blog Stalk of the Day: www.stufffchristianslike.b (yes, there are 3 f’s)

Breath of the Day: Trident’s Spearmint Sugar-Free gum


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