In the shower this morning I was thinking about writing (quit picturing me showering it’s creepy) and as I lathered my hair, I thought of a fun idea that I wanted to share.

If you’ve ever been to an improv show or seen the likes of “Whose Line is it Anyway” than you know the premise of how things work with improv. The actors are given a suggestion from the audience and asked to perform on the spot using said suggestions all the while (hopefully) making people giggle and gaffaw.

I thought it would be cool to see what kinds of words or suggestions that you all would come up with for me to blog about. This way, I’m writing and letting you take the lead. Dance with me, suckas.

So…leave me a comment with your phrase, idea or word and I’ll try to muster up something slightly funny and perhaps mildly clever and tag you in that blog. It may have everything to do with or just something to do with your comment. Oh, and don’t expect it to be political or mind-blowingly life changing. If you’ve read anything that I’ve written…you know my style and should expect the same.

I’ve tagged some peeps on Facebook because I’m still a newbie to this site and I don’t think anyone reads my blogs on here…yet.


P.S. Speaking of good comedy improv….Check out our local troupes at Theater 99 here in Chucktown. Shout out!

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