I’ve Been (in)couraged!

So, I know it’s almost Christmas and we’ve all got jingle jangles on the brain. But, let’s rewind and pretend that it’s Thanksgiving. Think back to gravy-sopped turkey, Aunt Mildred’s green bean casserole and the urge to unbutton your pants. Ah yes…we’re there. It’s Thanksgiving Day.

Between all the gobbles and wobbles, I was a guest writer on an amazing website called (in)courage on Turkey Day. It was a fitting day to publish a post about how much I love to give to others and how much more I love all the hi-fives and finger snaps about me giving to others.

(in)courage is a gorgeous website for Christian women to talk, listen, teach and learn. I’m so stoked that I got to be a part of it…even it was for just a Tryptophan moment.

Before I drop the link to my post like it’s hot, I want to give a cyber shout out a very (in)courage-ing woman. Lisa-Jo, the Community Manager for (in)courage, is an unstoppable force in the encouragement industry. She coordinates the guest writers for (in)courage and was chock-full of inspiration, encouragement and humor. She loves what she does and loves to ignite the creative spark in others. So, thanks, Lisa-Jo for being fantastic! (follow her on Twitter!)

*AHEM* Without further adieu, here’s my post. Now pass the mashed potatoes.

“The Girl and the Green Jacket.”

As always…thanks for reading. You encourage me more than you’ll ever know!

P.S. Thanks for sharing a piece of pumpkin pie with me on this faux Thanksgiving Day. You may now resume singing, “Feliz Navidad.” You’re welcome.

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  1. Seriously – you are too awesome! Thanks for sharing the (in)couragement with us 🙂 It was a special treat to host you on Turkey day and you and your story of the green coat will stay with me a long time!

    Warmest wishes,

  • Hi! This is me.