Money, Robots and Muffin Tops

No one likes to talk about money…so I like to push it out in front of the class and make it dance.

Since my last update, I’ve had $250 donated towards my Ride:Well tour and car loads of “junk” for my upcoming yard sale FUNraiser (See what I did there? I took the ‘d’ off of…yeah, well, it IS going to be totally fun.) So, I want to give a ginormous cyber exploding fist bump to all those who took the time to give.

The other day, I got my Erkle glasses on and calculated that if everyone on my email list just gave 20 bucks to the Ride:Well cause, I’d have ALL the money for my trip. WHAT?! That’s crazy. $20 can help give people CLEAN, SAFE water and medical supplies. That’s pretty dope and doable.

INCENTIVE: I will do The Robot and post the video for all to see when I hit the halfway mark of my money goal, which is $2,250. You have to admit, that’s worth a couple bucks.

Training was slow this week. My knees felt like they were stuffed with kitten tears and lard-filled balloon animals.

Neither are fun nor sanitary.

Plus, it’s cold and I’m a wimp and chose covers over my 5am kick in the butt. I need that to change next week. I’m meeting with my trainer tomorrow morning and I know for sure he’s going to put the fear of spandex in my muffin top.

Thanks to all who are donating, encouraging, praying and helping me with this ride!


1. Local yard sale on Saturday, Jan. 29th @ 7am.I need donations & people to come buy some junk!

2. Donate online at Ride:Well. Make sure to pick “Amanda Fisher.”

3. Give me cash or check in person.

4. Donate using PayPal on this site (right-hand side of this page).

5. Donate your gently used bike gear OR road bike.

6. Pass this info on to others who may want to get involved with Blood: Water Mission.

I wheely like you all! Until next time…enjoy this video:

(DISCLAIMER: My robot will not be near as cool as the 2nd kid in this video…but it’ll be close.)

Lover of coffee, cardigans & connections.

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  1. Go Mandy! What an awesome job you are doing! I will definitely be donating soon. Keep asking me please. Iforget things but I really want to help!

  2. So…would it be ok if I donated to Amanda Fischer instead? Actually, I went earlier to donate but didn’t just in the off chance that there really was another racer named Amanda Fischer, but I never got around to asking you….insert sheepish look here..

    Anyway, I’m really proud of you!!! I love biking too. If I wasn’t preggo I’d come down and do a long Saturday ride with you sometime this spring. Love ya!!!

  3. that is awesome, i’ve wanted to do the ride:well tour ever since anne jackson was talking about it. plus, you can never go wrong doing the robot.

    also, in accordance with a binding verbal contract, i’d like to add that you look very attractive today, and i would’ve told you that yesterday, but i felt like it needed to be said today.

    thank you for the memories.

  4. Attention everyone: $20 is so easy! Even a person without a job can do that (that’s me!)…EVERYONE can contribute to this incredible adventure!! So, just fast 4 days of your grande cafe mocha, no sugar, no whipped cream, extra dry, with half skim, half full milk. No I don’t want 2% milk, just a mixture of the both.

    (The opinions expressed in this comment with the persuasive guilt approach do not necessarily reflect the intent or purpose of the Writer/Rider.)

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