I’m Pretty Much Too Legit To Quit

It happened. The eagle has landed. The ship has docked. The hen is in the house. The bear is in the cave. (Wait, I think that may mean something else…) Anyway…

I finally got my bike!* And that indeed makes me too legit to quit.

Like seriously, I can’t quit because I just shelled out a bunch of green for it and my friends and family would never let me quit. That’s why I love them.

Speaking of green…Let me say that I had THE most epic yard sale ever! My ‘Junk for Water‘ yard sale was a stellar boombastic hit!

Two Saturdays ago, me and some of my most amazing friends (which include my beautiful mom & bubble of sunshine niece) put on a yard sale to raise money for my ride. Crazy Yarders came with flashlights at 5something in the morning rummaging for treasures and we continued a steady flow of people until about noon.

I really do have the best people in my life.

I get overwhelmed with rainbows and unicorns when I think about how amazing they are.

This was my first yard sale and I’ve heard many people say that yard sales aren’t usually worth it because they’re a lot of work for not much money. However, I made enough money to buy my bike. Yep, you read me right. I bought my bike because people came to buy the junk that my friends donated, organized and helped me sell.

I told you it was epic.

So, now I have my bike, helmet (which does not make me look dorky at all), gloves and an air pump. I’m ready to ride. I’m itchin’ to roll. I have a need for speed. (Not really, I’m quite safe actually. It just sounded good there.)

On the serious tip…I’m learning a lot about myself through this whole process. I’m watching patterns of behavior being broken and some that haven’t quite broken completely, but are all bendy-wendy and about on their way out.

Every once in awhile (read: daily) I get this feeling in my guts that I’m going to fail at this ride. I can practically see the Twitter Fail Whale appear out of nowhere with that smug smile of his and attempt to swat me with his big, fat, scaly fail tail.

Anywho, when I hear that whale, I get all panicky for a minute, but instead of quitting, running away or putting it off until later like I used to do, now something new happens. I look that whale directly in his squinty eyes, focus on the root of my fear and then promptly throat punch him. I admit, sometimes I do a quick roundhouse for dramatic flair. #FailWhaleFail

I have a lot of riding to do to catch up to the advanced cyclists that will be touring the country with me. But, every day that I throat punch my fears, I get a little more confident that I can not only do this ride, but continue to become a better version of me. So, bring it #FailWhale. I’m on to your schemes and you’re drying out quickly.

What about you? Are you facing a Fail Whale of your own? Are you able to throat punch it yet? Are you feeling too legit? Too legit to quit?

*P.S. This is my bike! It’s a 2010 Specialized Secteur. I got it on a sick super sale at The Bicycle Shoppe downtown. I’m in love with it. I upgraded the tires, seat (gel & shock absorbers!) & extra brakes. It’s pimp.

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  1. Hannah@ Venture

     /  February 11, 2011

    You go! I love reading your animated blogs 🙂

  2. Kathy Pascazio

     /  February 13, 2011

    You inspire me! I was making all kinds of fail whale excuses not to exercise, until I read your message and then
    I’m off and running.
    I love you

  • Hi! This is me.