29 Days & 1,000 Bux

My Ride:Well bike tour starts in 29 days. Yes, just TA-WONTY-NINE days!! That’s like 13 minutes in Inception time. Just ask Leo.

I’m now in the home stretch of crossing things off of my To Do list, raising nickels and dimes and kicking my diet and training up a notch or four. Our Tour de Southern USA costs a whopping $5,250. I’ve saved my pennies, raised dollars and have been blown away by so many generous donations. And now…

…I only have $1,000 left to raise!!

It’s due by the end of THIS week. So, instead of selling my roommate’s flat screen or putting my kidney on Craigslist, I wanted to ask you for help. For those of you who have wanted to donate, but haven’t yet, here’s your BIG chance!

Go to: http://www.ridewelltour.org/, click on “Donate” and pick Amanda Fisher (that’s me!).

For those who have donated or are going to donate this week…NOTE: Yes, the’ k’ is backwards. Writing backwards to make it forwards isn’t as easy as it skool.

You guys rock my bike,


Lover of coffee, cardigans & connections.

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