Wow. This past Tuesday (the 10th), I posted and emailed that I needed $1,000 more to be able to make my upcoming bike trip. The money was due on Wednesday (the 11th) and I posted that I needed the money by the end of the week because, honestly, I didn’t believe the money would all be there in one day.

Boy, was I proven wrong.

In ONE day, ALL the money that I needed to fund my trip came in and in addition to that, together we gave 1,000 Africans clean water for a whole year! I have to say it again…

1,000 people’s lives have been forever changed. Unbelievable.

I cried when I looked at my Ride:Well report and saw how the donations flooded in. I admit, I contacted a couple friends to ask them to check their statements because I thought an extra zero was accidentally added to the end of their donation.

Oh me of little faith.

I’m honored to know so many people who see the dire need to help end the water crisis and I’m so extremely blessed to know so many people who believe in me.

I’m overwhelmed. I’m thankful and I’m more motivated than ever to start my trip and see it to its completion.

Thank you. My heart bubbles over with love.


P.S. If you still want to give, please do so! The need for clean water is ever present. You can give money directly to me or to Ride:Well.

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