Hospital Gowns Ain’t For Sissies

Last Wednesday, I was heaving my ho over a hill and as I was huffing and puffing and blowing everyone’s house down, I started to feel a little weebly wobbly and long story short…I ended up in the emergency room of the booming metropolis of Springerville, AZ.

It’s official…hospitals smell the same no matter where you are.

After a bag o’ saline, blasts of good ole O2 and some tests that I didn’t study for…they admitted me.  So, there I was in room 10 (yes, 10 of the 20 beds they had) for two nights. I was scanned, poked, prodded, lobbed and mobbed but two things made it a very enjoyable time. The first was that I was feeling oh so much better than when I hobbled in and the second was that my lovely friend Ellen stayed with me the whole time.

I’m certain I’ve never laughed that much in a hospital before.

It was hard to be away from my friends and family back home while machines took their sweet time monitoring thingamabobs and scanning whatchamajigs. It made me miss them so much more than I already do. It was also weird being away from my team for so long. After all, we’ve been with each other 24/7 for weeks and are now used to each other’s noises and smells.

The day after I was admitted, my steamy team all came to the hospital to bring me smiles and pie after their trek to the infamous Pie Town. I had a heart monitor on, oxygen up the nose and an IV in my hand so I looked much more pitiful than I felt. I had planned on lying in bed, eyes closed while saying “Beep…Beep…Beeeeep…Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…” out of the corner of my mouth and then scaring them by jumping up and yelling, “Just kidding!” after they began weeping and gnashing their teeth for me.

But I resisted the urge.

My tests came back pretty much all fine and dandy and after two days of chocolate pudding, multiple mid-night wake ups and lots of Discovery channel, I was released back into the wild. They don’t know the whys, whats and hows of it all, but rumor on the street is that I may have had a heat stroke.

After a week of not riding, my legs were twitching to be on my cycle and ride with my team so I started peddling and ended that first day back with my very first CENTURY! (that’s 100 miles!)

But, I (and many others who love me oh so much) think I should lay low on the bike. So, if I do ride, I’ll ride in the morning while the sun’s still drinking its latte and then I’ll hop in the van (we lovingly call, Mother Falcon) and help water and feed the team and hoop and holler for them as they ride.

It’s not where I prefer to be, but probably where I need to be.

Whether I’m in the van, talking to people from stage, riding a bike or meeting strangers, I’m still a part of this amazing team and together we’re making a difference for Blood:Water Mission, along with all of you who have supported, encouraged and prayed (and continue to do so) for us.

It’s weird when things don’t turn out like you think they should or would or even could. But, God’s bigger than all of this. He’s bigger than my struggle. He’s bigger than my expectations. He’s bigger than our cause. And for all of that, I’m so very grateful.

Have you had the wind knocked out of your expectations lately? How did you handle it?

Lover of coffee, cardigans & connections.

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  1. Hey girl it liz from church I have not been in a while But thank god you are ok .. God is watching over you and your team. Keep up the good work

  2. Wow! What words can describe how amazed I am at your stamina and determination through that huge ordeal!! You are my hero! And on top of that you make the world’s funniest blog about it all! There is no one on this earth that is as special and phenonemonal as you!! You are in a class of your own! I am so glad I know you, you make life worth living!

  3. Good stuff, Mandy. It sucks that a a heat stroke did you in , but I’m glad you’re back on the bike! Recently had the wind knocked out of my expectations too, but I’m better for it I think.

  4. Hi Mandy, I’m so excited to see you. I love you, and I’m continuing to pray for you. It’s good to see your being cautious. Take care! See you soon. Text me when you can.

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