Punctuating Life

I went for a bike ride across the country this summer with the Ride:Well Tour. Spent 2 months with 14 amazing people. Felt the pavement of 7 states under my tires. Stayed in a hospital for 2 days because of heatstroke. Jumped off of a 35-foot waterfall.  As a team, rode over 3k miles and personally rode 1k of those gravel-filled miles. Slept in churches, gyms, campgrounds, a cafeteria, a library and even an old bed and breakfast and met more generous and interesting people than I could even begin to count.

There were days I wanted to quit the tour and go home.  Times I hated my body because it wouldn’t function properly. Days I struggled with who I was, who I needed to be and who I was becoming. But with each peddle stroke, every hoop and holler for my teammates and each time I got the chance to tell someone about why we were riding, I became stronger, more purposeful and much more intentional.

And I would absolutely do it all over again.

I used to be a girl who was scared to take big risks, afraid of what people thought of me, assumed I wouldn’t be good at something, so I wouldn’t even try. I can honestly say, that I left a lot of that in a desert, over a hill, on a steep downhill, on top of a cliff and in a big ocean. Being a part of this tour, this cause and my teammate’s lives has been life-changing and it’s also been the hardest thing for me to sit down and write about.

It’s hard to talk about something ending when you’re not ready for it to be over.

My life is forever changed and I can’t summarize that in a clever blog, status update or rambling story. But, I do pray that my life will resonate the strength, passion, love and faith that I’ve gained because of this tour…now and always.


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