2011 in Rearview

Some of My Favorite Moments of 2011:

Ran my first 5k.

My firecracker niece, Bella, turned 3.

My quirky thug dog, Henry, turned 3.

Jumped off a 35′ cliff and didn’t die, but learned how to live.

Got heat stroke and spent 2 days laughing in a hospital with a new friend.

Went on my first 1st date since 2007 and it was fantastic.

Learned how to “Wobble.”

2 of my BFFs got married & I got to get all fancy pants & be in their wedding.

Met 3 guys from Jars of Clay & almost didn’t swoon over Dan Haseltine …almost.

Won a spitting contest.

Flew to NYC with two of my best friends on a last minute whim.

Met the beautifully authentic Anne Jackson.

Slept on an air mattress for 2 months.

Gorged on my favorite desserts at Serendipity while looking for John Cusack.

Began leading a community group at my church…and absolutely LOVE it.

Bobbed my head at a few Mutemath & Meet the Sky shows.

Fell more in love with my job at Crosstowne.

Saw my church come together in true community through tragedy.

Became a better public speaker.

Lost 15lbs.

Spoke at Crosstowne during the main service for the 1st time.

Put my heart in someone else’s hands for the first time in a long time.

Fell in love with my niece more than I thought I ever could.

Rode my bike in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia & South Carolina.

Made some AMAZING new friends.

More than likely watched more Mystery Science Theater 3k than you.

Had my 1st New Years kiss…ever.

Laughed so hard I cried on a ride at the county fair with my mom.

Rode my bike over 1,000 miles.

Was overwhelmed by the generosity of friends, family & church as they helped fund my way for the Ride:Well Tour.

It’s official. 2011 was an awesome year!! It was probably one of the most challenging years I’ve ever had, but I loved it.

I’m much stronger, more grateful, way more thankful, thoroughly joyful and big time blessed.

What about you? What were some of your favorite rearview moments of 2011?

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