She’s a Runway Model

My bestie is one of nine finalists in the nationwide #RunwayToWin competition for the President of the United States!! ONE of NINE, folks! This is a HUGE deal. I’m so proud of her! This isn’t about voting for a party…it’s about voting for good design. #ElephantsAndDonkeysWelcomed

Voting closes at 6:00 p.m. ET on June 27th. #VoteLaurel

About Laurel:
Laurel, a Charleston native, studied at Columbia College in Columbia, SC and has worked locally in Charleston as a designer for the past 11 years. She is currently studying for her masters at Savannah College of Art and Design to pursue an MFA in Graphic Design. You can see samples of Laurel’s work at She specializes in logo creation, apparel design, catalog layout, ad design, marketing and web development.

About the Design:
“Having worked as a volunteer for the 08 campaign, I was struck by the unifying force that the President had. I worked alongside people young and old, from different racial backgrounds and different religious views, all with the same goal of hope and change. The people were positive, and their attitude was infectious. There was a sense that the campaign was bigger than all of this, bigger than Obama himself. As I was thinking of ideas for the contest, I wanted to represent a sort of patchwork coming together. You’ll notice that the lines in the letters look like fabric, of different colors and in different pieces, building together a colorful tapestry. In the end it’s not about republican or democrat, black or white, blue or red, it’s about people coming together. This kind of unity is the only way we can rebuild what is lost, and experience the future we all dream of.”

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