Video: Shopping is Confusing

Hey kids! It’s my 2nd Video Log! My 1st one has almost 100 views!
(Thanks for hitting the replay button, Mom!)

OK, let’s talk shop…ping.

I’m not the shop till I drop kind of girl, but I’ll throw a casual elbow at a clearance rack or thrift store. However, there are some stores that I just can’t wrap my brain around. They confuse me. They taunt me. They make me rethink linguistics. That’s just too much stress from a store. I need some chocolate.


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  1. Please do 147 more of these. Love the way you think. Crackerjack editing. Very good stuff, my friend. Keep thinking warm, mature thoughts!

    • Sue!! You are so stinking awesome!! Thank you!

    • Girl Next Door

       /  March 24, 2013

      WOW!! Talk about LOL!! You are very talented, my friend. I had no idea that such deep thoughts were brewing next door. What else are you hiding over there? I know: that little building in the backyard is actually a portal do Disney Land isn’t it?! Or is it Disney World? No matter; they are both magically, cool places, so I hear.

      Seriously, this is pretty awesome! Keep on blogging, Mandy!! 🙂


  2. Rachel

     /  March 22, 2013

    Perfect. 🙂

  3. Please…make….more! You don’t know how bad I needed this tonight. You make me laugh so hard. Archie always says, “what women wants to buy something from a store called dress barn, that’s sure to make you feel feminine!” All while saying “barn” like he has a New England accent with emphasis on the “ar”. 🙂

  • Hi! This is me.