Why Yes…It IS All About Me

My narcissism was a bit hungry, so I fed it a few random tidbits and it told me to share them. Oh come on, it’s fun and you know it.

1. When I get a drink from a place like Starbucks, the following must occur in order for me to enjoy my caffeinated liquid lava:
a.) The logo on the coffee sleeve must line up with the logo on the cup.
b.) The opening of the lid must line up with the logo on the cup that is lined up with the logo on the sleeve.

2. Every morning I attempt to get an extremely annoying song (whether popular or one that I make up on the spot) stuck in my roomie’s head.

3. I could eat soup every single day and never get tired of it.

4. When I was 16 years old I was involved in a car accident that inadvertently caused a car accident with David Letterman. I thought for sure he would invite me on his show, but alas he didn’t think my human trick was stupid enough.

5. I obsess about relational issues. I can’t stand miscommunication, lack of communication or passive/aggressive communication. It will bother me until the issue is resolved (even when it’s not about me) and I’m not usually timid to ask the person(s) directly about it.

6. I would take a bullet for my family, friends and my faith.

7. I have a terrible memory. I blame it on a medicine therapy I was on years ago and that is one of the side effects. Because of my terrible memory, I always have one or more of the following items with me: a notepad, my day runner (circa 1996, yo), my cell phone, sticky notes or my hand (which I almost daily have something scribbled on).

8. I clench my jaw when people say: “ATM machine” and “PIN number” and interchange “your” and “you’re.”

9. I belly laugh at least once a day.

10. I love being in my 30’s. I once dreaded the thought of crossing that line into ‘adulthood’ but I’m now enjoying every minute of it. I’ll take the self-awareness, confidence and wisdom that 30something brings over taut skin and dorm rooms any day. (Note the quotation marks on “adulthood”…yep, exactly.)

11. In conversation with a large group of people, I’ll usually let the extroverts take the lead but if introverts rein the crowd, I’ll become the MC for the evening.

12. My purpose in life is to inspire, bring hope, encourage, give insight and share laughter…and allow others to breathe those into my life as well.

13. I’m a terrible dater. I can’t stand first dates (or second or third ones). My palms sweat when I think about blind dates. I get uneasy when people try really hard to impress me or if I feel the need to impress. Dating feels like playing dress-up. I like the comfy part of knowing someone.

14. I would absolutely break my exception of hating first dates to go on a date with Donald Miller.

15. I wish Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige were my friends in real life.

16. My right eye squeaks obnoxiously loud when I’m tired.

17. Soft rock makes me fidget. Easy listening is not ‘easy’ for me to listen to.

18. I adore camping but don’t do enough of it. I need some more camping buddies. It’s been too long since my hair has smelled like campfire.

19. I love picking at things. It’s a gross obsession that I can’t (read: don’t want to) stop. I pick at scabs, bumps, zits and/or dead skin (especially to peel it after a bad sunburn). I obsess over it.

20. I don’t like ordering drinks at a bar or calling in food orders. I’m not sure why exactly but I get all nervous about it. I usually beg and plead someone else to do that for me.

21. I have an irrational fear of being videotaped wherever I am. Guilty much?

22. I have lost a total of 55lbs and am now at a size that I never thought I’d fit into.

23. I’m a hugger. I like to hug and I like to be hugged. I believe there is a lack of innocent physical touch amongst friends these days.

24. I love to laugh and it’s often during the most inappropriate of times. I’m incredibly goofy and a dork by nature.

25. I still wish on stars.

Enough about me…now tell me a little about you!

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  1. Joe

     /  November 19, 2009

    It is all about you, but I'll toss a few tidbits in about me:

    1. Whenever somebody cuts a cake and it's not chocolate, I die a little.

    2. I like your Starbucks thing. I don't do that now but I totally will from now on. Symmetry is important.

    3. I don't like camping. I believe the outdoors are best enjoyed through a picture window. While sitting in a nice hotel room. So I won't be one of your camping buddies but if you ever want to go on a fourth date let me know.

  2. Lindsey Nobles

     /  November 19, 2009

    I did the "25 Things" thing for Facebook and loved writing it. It is what me think I'd like to try blogging.

  3. KristyWes

     /  November 20, 2009

    Hey there,

    I'm a stranger who just stumbled across your blog. I love it! Very entertaining. And I need entertaining, as I am also a wannabe-author-restless-desk-jockey-type. And the hours of 9am-5pm are long…so very long. Sigh.

    Anyways, I whole-heartedly agree with your #13 & #14. 🙂

    Happy Friday!

  4. E-manda

     /  November 20, 2009

    Hey Kristy!

    Well…you're a stranger no more! Nice to 'meet' you. 🙂

    YES…those hours full of bad coffee, fluorescent lighting and tedious tasks can really get to a person. But…let's fight back and maintain being creative and WRITE (so we don't have to always do what we are doing now)!

    Thanks for stumbling (…and I totally would have pointed & laughed if I saw it in person) heh.


  5. Anonymous

     /  February 4, 2010

    1. I'm totally your twin…we even have the same name.

    2. If it weren't for Starbucks, I wouldn't die, but life would be much less happy for me.

    3. I consider myself a comedian.

    4. I have several irrational fears, like for instance, getting up to the cash register and not having enough money, or using a Q-tip to clean my ears while I'm walking.

  6. E-manda

     /  February 10, 2010

    Anonymous…I love your 4!

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