They Trap My Temper

I cannot get enough of this song.

It’s just so dreamy and anthemic.

It’s like riding shotgun on a slow motion road trip. Sandy, bare feet tickling the dashboard, sun streams keeping time on my face while I hold hands with my super crush and the butterflies in my stomach.

Oh, and it makes me want to watch 500 Days of Summer…again.

Temper Trap – “Sweet Disposition”

What ear candy have you been addicted to lately?

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  1. That is so funny, because we just recently watched the movie, and after that, archie couldn’t get this song out of his head… he bought it and we’ve listened to it so many times I can’t even count! 🙂 Love it!

  2. ANdy

     /  September 6, 2010

    Royksopp “What Else is There?” I’m not a big dance music fan, but the beat is catchy, it has a good singer and the chorus is just something that’s been running through my mind a lot lately.

    “The story of my maker
    What I have and what I ache for”

    • ANdy

       /  September 6, 2010

      not so much the original version, but the Trentemoller remix of the song specifically.

      • Ohhh…yep, yep. I like it. And I agree with you…the Trentemoller Remix is WAY better than the original.

        Also, I’m fairly certain that she actually does float around like that in real life too.


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