2012 in Rear View

I found a dusty email where I had jotted my plots and plans for 2012. I used it as a double take to see what I had done, where I had gone and what I left on the page.

So, here’s my Year in the Rear View…

My 2012 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. ‘Lead a Women’s Bible Study’ I did this! I met with 4 AMAZING women & we dug deep into Hebrews & each other’s lives.
  2. ‘Attend a Theology Study’ I did this! 3 close friends of mine started meeting once/week to study Systematic Theology. I mostly nod & smile.
  3. ‘Read the Bible in a Year’ No, BUT…I used daily reading plans from YouVersion’s iPhone app. A lot less reading and butt-kicking involved.
  4. ‘Run the Bridge Non-Stop’ Wah Wah Wah. My sad ole arthritic feet got the best of me more than usual last year. Somebody rub my bunions!
  5. ‘Hand Write Letters to Friends & Family Monthly’No, BUT…I was much more intentional about keeping in touch. I created an alarm to go off daily at 3pm reminding me to, “Reach out to someone.”
  6. ‘Go to the Ride:Well Reunion’No, BUT... I did meet up with 2 of my teammates in person & kept up with most of them throughout the year.
  7. ‘Be a Better Girlfriend’I did this! I grabbed confidence by the horns and enveloped myself in the truth that I’m worth a heckuvawholelot more than I was settling for. Ladies, we’re worth the pursuit. Don’t settle.
  8. ‘Make Pasta from Scratch’What the what?! I must’ve been hungry when I wrote that. I have no desire to make pasta…like ever.
  9. ‘Volunteer to Help Others Get Jobs’I did this! I edited a lot of resumes and helped people see their bright spots and strengths.
  10. ‘Write More’ Wah. Wah. Wah. This is my biggest regret of last year. I had a lot to say, but kept myself preoccupied with distractions.
  11. ‘Ride in a Hot Air Balloon’ No. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and hope to check it off my bucket list one day. Wanna take me?
  12. ‘Visit Out of State Family’No, BUT…I did take time out to email/text/call some of them a lot more than the year before. I miss them.
  13. ‘Go Camping/Hiking’Wah. Wah Wah. I need my hair to smell like a campfire and my belly to be full of s’mores soon. Let’s go!
  14. ‘Eat Healthy & Work Out’Huh? Wha? Look over there.
  15. ‘Help an At Risk Girl’I did this! She was actually a middle-aged woman and when we met she wanted to die. I was able talk her off the ledge.
  16. ‘Be on Time’I mostly did this. If I kept you waiting somewhere…I’m so sorry. If I beat you to our meeting spot…booyah!
  17. ‘Ride Another Century’Wah. Wah. Wah. Turns out, I don’t enjoy riding my bike alone. Ride with me?

A Few of My Favorite 2012 Moments

  • Invited more people into my home and into my heart.
  • Was part of the ’20 Seconds’ movement at Crosstowne Church.
  • Shook off some dead weight from a toxic relationship.
  • Began a fundraiser to help my friend buy a bike. He’s almost there…you can donate too!
  • Took my 4 yo niece fishing. She caught a squishy, smelly ole fish with her hot pink, Barbie fishing rod!
  • Went to Storyline in Nashville, TN. Fell more in love with the city, my story and Donald Miller’s passion.
  • Watched a close friend’s marriage get ripped apart at the seams, but saw her rise up from the ashes an even stronger woman.
  • Went to New Orleans for New Year’s Eve. It’s a town full of beauty, tragedy, darkness and hope.
  • Began working on ideas for a simple, yet impactful community outreach. Stay tuned!
  • Was blessed with amazing new friendships. The kind of friendships that make my heart beat a little stronger.
  • Was a part of LoveGave Hope that raised over $113K for local orphanages.

2012 was chock full of ups, downs and even some flat lines. But, overall it was a year of growth and stretching. Kind of like soul yoga or was it like heart pilates? No matter which way you stretch it, it was a really good year and 2013 is already shaping up to be quite fantastic!

What about you? How was your 2012?

What are you looking forward to this year?

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