I’ve got a new hobby.

Well, let me first say, I love watching really good bands play live. Let me secondly say, most of the bands I love have audience members who were born when I was knee-deep in flannel and Nirvana. There’s nothing quite like bobbing my head next to a flop top who was in diapers when Duran Duran was making me ‘Come Undone.’

incognito_smily_face_with_mustache_and_sunglasses_sticker-p217476589842817096en8ct_400So, because of my 20-something musical taste buds, one of my favorite new hobbies is to find at least 2 people in the crowd who are older than me. That way, I can take off my sunglasses and mustache and not have everyone wondering if I’m the lead singer’s mom and ask me for a ride home.

The other night was one of those nights. I went to see one of the best bands around town called, Heyrocco. They’re a baby-faced, well-mannered trio who take the stage like lambs and shock jocks of all shapes and sizes with their wavy sounds and syncopated beats.

There’s something graceful, and dare I say, beautiful about the lead singer’s presence, voice and overall ambiance. All the boys seem pensive, but never eye-rollingly brooding and I imagine they practice in old garages with posters of dead singers on the walls and their moms bringing them warm chocolate chip cookies encouraging breaks they never seem to get to. 20111019_poprocks

If you were to share Pop Rocks with Robert Smith and Brandon Flowers in the late 90’s, it would sound a little like Heyrocco.

Now, don’t just look at their baby breath pics and dump them in some boy band compound. Take a listen. Read a bit. Better yet, go see them live.

Heck, I’ll come with you…We can wave our canes in the aiiiiyr, wave ’em like we just don’t caayyre.


Follow them: @weareheyrocco

This is Day 3 of my 100 Days of Blogger.

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