I saw this today from one of my favorites, Mat Kearney.

If you live for the applause of other people you will also live in fear of their disapproval.

I find myself there sometimes. Longing for a pat on the back while simultaneously refreshing the page to see if anyone disagrees. I used to live in that place, but now I just stop in from time to time, check out the scenery, and remember very quickly why I left. I’m thankful for the return ticket.

Take a minute to enjoy Mat in 165 locations.

‘Ships in the Night’ – Mat Kearney

This is Day 31 of my 100 Days of Blogger.
(I’ve been working on 2 posts for 64 days now. OK, fine…4 days. That’s why I’m behind. But, I think Mat’s cute face more than makes up for my slackness.)


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  1. I love Mat Kearney. And you.

    PS. Blogging everyday is HARD! Go you!

  • Hi! This is me.