Remember That One Time

Remember that one time I got all doped up on Wite-Out and dry erase markers and told everyone I was going to post every day for 100 days? Yeah. That was funny. 1363394913_161297727_katy-perry-john-mayer-467

John Mayer and Katy Perry have gotten together & broken up at least 8.5 times since I published my last post, so I guess it’s been a couple of weeks.

So…what’s my excuse for not writing?

Some days I had so much to do and so many people to see that I would go all day without giving it the slightest thought until moments before crumpling on my bed. Then, other days when I had the time, I lacked the content and wasn’t satisfied with just throwing something up for something’s sake. cat-sleeping-on-laptop

Either way, I felt like I was cramming for a test at the end of the day and felt more exhausted than inspired.

I didn’t like that feeling.

However, through this little self-created challenge, I was reacquainted with why I love writing and for that, the 100 Day Challenge was well worth it.

Now, don’t worry my Interweb loves, I’m still going to post so you can read and watch with bated breath the ins and outs of my brain and cardiovascular muscle. It may not be daily, so in the meantime, you may want to learn how to knit, hoola hoop or play the didgeridoo. I expect videos.

Love & Twizzlers,



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