2013 in Rearview

hindsight-rear-view-future-past-road-mirror1My only resolution for 2013, was to jot down memorable moments throughout the year. These are the ones that made the cut. Thank goodness 2014 got here when it did. Whew!



  • Woke up on New Year’s Day in New Orleans. I mean, I planned it that way.
  • My friend had a tumor the size of a grapefruit removed…and it was benign! Other good news…I still love grapefruit!
  • We had 90 amazing women attend our Women’s Breakfast at church. Our women love Jesus…and breakfast!


  • Began writing my MySpace is YourSpace series. All the kids born after 1997 are all like, “Um. What’s MySpace?” Just kidding! They don’t read …blogs.


  • Threw my firecracker of a niece one heckuva 5th birthday party. Imagine, if you will, that all the Disney princesses got together & threw up all over a backyard. But, they threw up pretty things like…glitter, jump castles & pink cupcakes. That was it!
  • Made a video blog about…how confusing shopping can be.
  • Had lovely friends throw me a surprise birthday party. Surprises make me giddy! Surprise me & I’ll show you. Wreck a surprise for me and you’re dead to me.


  • Planned my church’s 15-year Anniversary party. Amazing stories of the ups & downs of starting a church & the positive, sustaining influence it can have on individuals as well as a city. Lots of work…all worth it. Plus, there was cake!


  • Started riding my bike again…2012 was a bit dusty for me. *cough*
  • Spoke at my church about promises, dog treats & rooms with nice views. You should’ve been there. I brought it.
  • Made a video blog about a guy who actually called himself Mr. No Sex. And no, Smarty Pants, we never dated.


  • Completed my MySpace is YourSpace series. I loved each & every person’s participation in the project. Read it!
  • Went to the ER with chest pain & slurred speech. Spent a bajillion dollars to find out I had a stress/anxiety-induced TIA.
  • Hosted a Ride:Well team as they rode through Charleston & got to drive support for them from Charleston to Pawley’s Island. I only got them lost once…alright fine…twice. But who’s counting? Yep…they did.


  • Began addressing my stress & anxiety issues. Which was difficult because I didn’t know I had any. (*cue peanut gallery now.*)
  • Had intense surgery on my left foot that promised only pain, anguish & a year-long recovery. The doc told me that I had the foot of an 85-year old. I told him to quit snooping & told the 85-year old hopping behind me to keep up. bah-dum-bum.


  • Firecracker started Kindergarten. (*cue tears*) Those would be my tears, not hers, mind you.


  • Mostly moaned & groaned about how badly my foot still hurt, how my life was over & no man would marry a gimpy club foot. You know, the usual.


  • My dear, sweet friend & co-worker passed away leaving a legacy of a life well-lived behind. Bravo, friend…bravo.


  • Asked a guy out twice! He said no once & left me hanging the other time. But, heck…it took guts, right?! He’s dead to me now.
  • My friends, Meet the Sky opened up for Gungor at the Music Farm. So proud of them! Plus, I’m VIP. Gimme free swag!
  • Donated money towards Steve Taylor’s kickstarter new album project. My glee over this cannot be expressed with mere words. Moshing & interpretive yodeling can only do it justice.
  • Had to break up with Donald Miller because he married someone else. He’s dead to me now.


  • Played ‘stage mom’ to my sweet firecracker who was in the Nutcracker. She was the best mouse & cherub this side of Heaven.
  • Helped raise over $150k for the cause of the orphans through LoveGave and was offered the position to co-lead in 2014!
  • Gained abuncha (technical term) weight post surgery & post holidays & decided to celebrate by swallowing Nashville whole.
  • Spent New Year’s Eve in NashVegas to watch the music note drop on Hank Williams, Jr. Turns out, their aim was a little off.

All in all…it was an EXTREMELY challenging year for me. But, nothing some good friends, Jesus, belly laughs & Vicodin can’t handle.

What about you? How was your 2013?

P.S. OK fine…no one on this list is actually dead to me. However, they are in a coma a la daytime soap style to me. We’ll see if they awaken in time to find out if Georgio’s brother’s girlfriend’s sister’s neighbor (aka one of their actual fathers…but which one?) was actually abducted by a money-hungry alien king with a thirst for blood diamonds…or if they just ate bad sushi. Until next time…

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