EmandaBakes: Banana Smooshies

I love watching candy-coated shows about indulgent cake decorating and cupcake competitions. I drool over sugary blogs about decadent baking and swoon when I hear a sweet-talking dough master, who I imagine always smells of vanilla cake batter and sweats sweet condensed milk, explain how they took mere buttery scraps of leftover homemade pie crust dough and evolved them into lemon zest raspberry (with heavy emphasis on the ‘RASP‘) tarts in the shapes of bohemian butterflies, cute baby owls and cherub’s feet.

I’ll watch it, read it and bookmark it.

And that’s where the sugar-dusted, almond butter fudge toffee bars go to die…my web cache.

Baking is amazing. But, I am not an amazing baker.


Do not consume raw cookie dough?? Communists!

With the best baking intentions and dreams of macaroon soirees so fabulous they would potentially shut down Pinterest shoved aside, I usually just feed my inner sugar momma with copious amounts of pre-made raw cookie dough. I can be such a lazy baker!

With that being said, you can imagine my delight when I was lickflipping through a magazine and a recipe caught my gaze for a quick dessert that had only 2 ingredients! TWO. That’s it. I mean…this is something we can all do, folks!

I call them Banana Smooshies!


Step ONE: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.



STEP TWO: Look for those brown, squishy bananas you told yourself to throw out yesterday. You only need TWO. So, you should probably throw out the other bruised brothers, or freeze them & add them to that protein shake you Instagram everyday.

SIDE NOTE: If you’re going to freeze them..peel them before you put them in the freezer. 

STEP THREE:  Measure out ONE cup of quick oats. Don’t ask me if it’s OK if you use your organic steel cut oats because I don’t know what that means.


OPTIONAL STEP #1: Add spices or nuts. I used cinnamon, apple pie spice and walnuts.


OPTIONAL STEP #2: Eat a handful of almonds while you do this. It balances your pH level or something like that.


OPTIONAL STEP #3: Share your nuts with a friend. (Don’t make that sentence weird.) #henrythegreat



STEP FOUR: Squish it! Squish it REAL good! Until everything is moist. (worst.word.ever.)



STEP FIVE: Put spoonfuls of banana squish (‘squish’ turns into ‘smoosh’) on a prepared cookie sheet.
(Unprepared cookie sheets are so nervous!)


Step SIX

STEP SIX: Pop ’em in the oven for 10-12 minutes.



STEP SEVEN: Eat your quick, healthy and delicious Banana Smooshies!
(Eat ’em while they’re hot!)

Move over Joy the Baker... Emanda JO the Baker is in the kitchen now!

 Now…where did I put that cookie dough again? #thatwasshortlived

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  1. I love it. Completely. In. Love. With. You. I think I may have to try these for Rick. Or either let Rick try these for me. Will you do your next foodie blog on the chocolate cayenne cookie recipe I have oh-so-patiently-been-waiting-for-for-7-years please? Pretty please? I think I may have eaten half of the ones you baked for Ricky & Kelly at Christmas. Precious memories. How they linger.

  2. Would you like to take over my cooking blog? You’re way better. Especially since a little one who clings to my legs and cries to be held every time I’m in the kitchen. Never fails! Makes holding a camera a bit hard. Ha

  • Hi! This is me.