Henry the Great

Warning Cat Lovers: This will not be my only Henry post. There will be more. And you will be forced to love him.

Harold Crick Lives His Life

“Oh, I’m Harold. Her main character.”

She Ain’t No Fairytale

Take a few moments and read what my friend, Amaris, has to say about Ms.Takes, quasi-dating, dating Quasi and finding solace somewhere in the midst of all of it in her post.

MySpace is YourSpace Part 1 of 5: “Up All Night”

This is post 1 of 5 in my series called, MySpace is YourSpace. Awhile back,  I wrote a post asking for reader’s gritty responses to 5 deeply personal questions. I created an email address that folks could log into, answer the specific questions and email those answers to that same email address. That way, I […]


Heyrocco. They’re a baby-faced, well-mannered trio who take the stage like lambs and shock jocks of all shapes and sizes with their wavy sounds and syncopated beats. You should give your ears a treat. They’ve been good.

Groundhog Day

The song hit me perfectly. Not only because it was produced by my creative, super fantastic friend (I’m SO proud of you, Chris!), but, because the content goes so well with the heart of my upcoming series. It’s all about being honest.

A 100 Days of Blogger

Goal = Post something awesome every day for 100 days.

2012 in Rear View

2012 had ups, downs & flat lines. Here’s my year in the rear view. What’s yours?

Choose YOUR Own Adventure: Guest Blog by Andy Rider

I’m so proud to have Andy Rider as a guest writer on EmandaSays! Andy is a number cruncher by day and a humorist by real-life. He’s got a passion for living life with purpose, integrity, taking risks and humor.

MySpace Can Be YourSpace

You won’t see a photo of me first thing in the morning, sulking about being single or me being lazy when I should be working towards my goals. I want you to see the cleaned up, in control and inspirational version of me. If we’re honest, most of us want to see that side of each other in real life too.
I’m passionate about relationships, redemption and realness and I want to hear from you.

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