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Video: Mister, Mister

As promised in my post, MySpace Is Your Space Part 3, here’s a video about a man who changed my life forever. Or…for at least for 24 hours. “Mr. No Sex” EmandaVlogs are rough around the edges, just like me! Thanks for bearing with me & watching anyway. Your support means so much! Much Love […]

MySpace is YourSpace Part 3 of 5: “Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby”

Awhile back, I asked for reader’s gritty responses to 5 deeply personal questions. Today’s post is about sex.

Hear Me Roar (PG-13)

I’m mad. I’m not just like stub my toe mad. I’m like I want to go picketing, flip cars and yell in the streets mad.
I’m a woman. Hear me roar…PG-13 style.

Video: Shopping is Confusing

Hey kids! It’s my 2nd Video Log! My 1st one has almost 100 views! (Thanks for hitting the replay button, Mom!) OK, let’s talk shop…ping. I’m not the shop till I drop kind of girl, but I’ll throw a casual elbow at a clearance rack or thrift store. However, there are some stores that I […]

Remember That One Time

Remember that one time I got all doped up on Wite-Out and dry erase markers and told everyone I was going to post every day for 100 days? Yeah. That was funny.

Resist the Smudge

Whether we want to lose weight, write a book, find a husband, finish a degree, have a kid or be our own boss, it can be incredibly hard to wait for the ‘paint’ to dry and follow the steps.


I saw this today from one of my favorites, Mat Kearney. If you live for the applause of other people you will also live in fear of their disapproval. I find myself there sometimes. Longing for a pat on the back while simultaneously refreshing the page to see if anyone disagrees. I used to live […]

Pauly Sure

Paul Rienzo is one of the most amazing men I know. AND…to make him even more rad, he gets the privilege of ME calling him pastor, boss man, mentor, teacher and friend. (See what I did there? I’m smooth like that.) In the past year, he suffered from quite a bit. He had 12 inches […]

Meet These Guys

I want you to Meet the Sky. MTS has a NEW CD coming out soon and you can download their already popular song, ‘We’re Gonna Make It‘ for just a $1! C’mon, people. You need this song in your life! That is, unless  you hate happiness. In that case, you and your dollar should go […]

Status Quote

“What you love to do shouldn’t be defined by how much money, fame, or worldly desires you acquire but by how much fun it is to be doing something you love.” – Olan Rogers   This is Day 22 of my 100 Days of Blogger.

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